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Battery for forklift

You have found the right place. Arbor is the industrial battery experts. We know how to match the right battery to your lift truck to meet its requirements for appropriate ballast weight, correct size, and the proper ampere houre.

Arbor is able to help you:

What Battery does my Forklift Need?

Arbor can help you find out whihc battery you need. All we need is the modeal and serial number of your lift truck. THis will allow us to narrow down which battery fits in your lift.

Sometimes, taking a picture and sending it to us helps us pinpoint exactly
which battery you need. Remember, you don't just need a battery; you
also need to make sure the cable is in the right place and the connector fits
with the connector on your lift truck

What Battery Connector does my Battery Need?

Industrial battery used in forklifts (4250)

There are various sizes, shapes and colors of battery connectors. Each fits
with either your charger. It is important to get this imformation correct when
ordering a battery. the wrong color battery connector or the wrong battery
connector color will prevent you from properly charging your battery. It will
also prevent you from using your new battery in your lift truck until it is
corrected. We can prevent that from happening.

There ar ea few common types of battery connectors you should know about.
Here are some common sizes and the voltages they correspond to:

Looking for a Reconditioned Battery for your Forklift?

Sometimes a reconditioned battery can be an appropriate choice for your lift truck.
Reconditioned battery offer a lower price point and can provide reliability for up to a year
when used in a light duty arehouse or factory application

Be careful when selecting a reconditioned battery, howerver. To make a reconditioned
battery, you must first start with good used cells, load and discharge test them, adjust the
acid and cover it with a 1 year warranty.

Reconditioned batteries for forklifts are usually suggested for warehouses operating their
lift trucks only a 3-4 hours a day. Any more than that, and new lead acid batteries are

Have your batteries been sitting for too long and now sulfated?

Batteries for lift trucks

A battery can sulfate when the chemical reaction is not completely reversed during the charging process and a battery deprived of a full charge. A long charge is occasionally required to prevent sulfation from occurring.

Of course small sulfate crystals occur natrually through normal use. When the amorphus crystalsstabalize they change from lead sulfate crystals to
stable crystalline on the negative plates. Large crystals increase charge
resistance and cause the battery to take longer to charge while also
reducing the batteries run time and overall life.

Sufation can sometimes be reversed by specialized charging, however,
storing a battery over a long period of time will create the heard type of sulfation
which is impossible to reverse, even with specialized charging. Therefore,
never store a battery in a low state of charge for anyextended period of time.

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battery options available. Please contact us for more information!

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