AutoCad drawing of a warehouse layout design.

How to Design a New Warehouse

If you are planning to move, set up a new warehouse or redesign your existing warehouse, you will want to partner with a professional company that can guide you in warehouse design best practices.

At Arbor Material Handling, we take you through a processional process that results in a warehouse layout that is efficent, expertly designed and saves labor. How you ask? It all starts with the data.

How many SKUs do you have?

Whether you are in New Jersey, Delaware or Philadelphia, if you are not considering
how many SKUs you are looking to store when starting your warehouse design,
you may end up with pallet racking that doesn't fit your needs.

Warehouse with pallet racking set up for piece picking application

SKUs, or "Stock Keeping Units" , is the key to every warehouse design. Knowing how many pick slots you need will increase your warehouse's efficiency and reduce labor.

How many pallets do you need to store?

You will need to consider how many pallets you need to store in your warehouse, both currently and in the future. If you are looking to store 5,000 pallyers today with a 15% projected growth in sales, you will have doubled your pallet storage requirements in 5 years.

At Arbor, we will help you plan for your growth with space planning, as well as material handling equipment requirements. By anticipating your needs and planning for increases, Arbor Material Handling will help you coordinate building leases, forklift or another material handling equipment leaeses, and lift truck service contracts to all align and co-mature.

Order Profile - How do you pick orders?

To correctly design a warehouse, you will need to consider how orders are being picked. Here are some questions we will be asking you in the warehouse design

Warehouse racking designed for multi-function usage

By asking you these types of questions, your Arbor team will be able to effectively
design the best warehouse layout for your business. THe order profile that emerges
from these questions drives the warehouse layout and together, your warehoiuse
management staff and your Arbor team can produce the most space-efficient and
labor efficient warehouse design your company has ever had.

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