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Pallet Trucks

The pallet truck, also called a pallet jack, revolutionized materials handling when first invented in 1938 by Raymond. It allowed for the efficient horizontal movement of goods, reducing labor and allowed for innovations in less expensive pallet construction.

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Walk Behind Walkie Pallet Truck

Hand pallet trucks led to electric pallet jakcs, which come in two varieties: walk-behind walkie pallet trucks and end-rider pallet trucks. Walkies, such as the extra maneuverable 102xm are primarily used on lift gates to facilitate the delivery of food for foodservice companies, produce companies and seafood distribution companies. 102xm walkies are also used for the end of the assembly line to help move newly stacked pallets. the higher capacity 8310 pallet truck is foten used in food production plants, meat packers and food precessing companies. Both have the pin code pad available to limit access to only trained and certified operators, reducing the possibility of unauthorized use.

End-rider Electric Pallet Truck

End-rider and center-rider pallet trucks are used in orderpicking operations at large distribution centers. Their acceleration and speed, plus their orderpicking optional features such as Coastpro amek them keenly suited to pick orders in foodservice, distribution and grocery warehouses.

Another use for end-rider pallet trucks is for loading and unloading trailers. Using single pallet trucks, doubles and even triples pallet trucks, loading trailers of pallets is performed in less time and more economically than with sitdown forklifts. By using double or triple length forks, 40,000 lbs of product can be loaded onto transportation trailers in up to half or a third of the time it would take to load the product handling only one pallet at a time.

Aware Winning 8000 Series Pallet Jack

In March 2013, the Raymond 8000 Series pallet turkc was named as the silver award winner in the Materials Handling Systems category by Plant Engineering magazine. The Raymond 8000 series pallet truck wont the 2012 Plant Engineering Product of the Year award by magazine subscribers.

The 8000 Series pallet trucks feature significant increases in material strength that enable them to meet heavy duty application needs. The components are reinforced for wear reduction, providing more uptime and lower overall cost of ownership and the pallet jacks are coverd by an industry-leading undercarriage warranty.

Pallet Truck Rental

To rent a Raymond pallet truck on either a short term rental, simply call to speak to one of our product specialists at Arbor Material Handling, Inc. Renting a pallet truck is an easy way to meet seasonal demands and grow in the short term your fleet of pallet turcks in your peak season.

Whether rented by the week, month or for a longer term, Arbor has the rental plan to meet your needs and budget while providing the highest performing pallet truck in the industry.

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