Forklift Repair Services in Delaware

Forklift repair technician fixing a lift truck

Arbor Material Handling has a team of factory trained technicians dedicated to servicing and repairing lift trucks in the Delaware area

Arbor’s “Customer First” approach is more than a business philosophy. It’s a guarantee for achieving the service levels our customers demand in Delaware.

At Arbor, service is at the root of why our customers choose us again and again. We take huge pride in how we partner with them, and we do what it takes to help them be successful.

Because our focus is on helping you achieve your goals, we assign a strategic team of highly experienced customer service representatives and factory trained and certified technicians to execute the day to day and long term aspects of all the lift truck products and services you receive from us.

Forklift Mechanic Vans

On every forklift technician’s van, Arbor Material Handling keeps an inventory of up to $10,000 in forklift parts to have on hand for breakdowns and repairs. Each van is assigned to a lift truck repair professional, who is assigned to a team; the service team is then assigned to a geographic area, such as Delaware, to ensure quick, efficient lift truck repair service.

For after hours maintenance, call 215-657-2700 and follow prompts. We provide 24-hour service 7 days a week.

Forklift Repair Services in Delaware

The Arbor Service Advantage includes:

Arbor Material Handling Service Center
Contact Information:

215-657-2700 (Willow Grove)
610-336-9444 (Allentown)
856-963-2700 (New Jersey)
302-328-6600 (Delaware)

For more information about our service capability,
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